How The Program Works

We teach you the HOW of business management

Imagine trying to learn to swim by watching a powerpoint presentation. You’d understand the theory, but the ACTION would be missing.

Most business programs miss that key component.

A College Pro summer is like jumping into the water to learn how to swim (don’t worry though, you’ll have a lifeguard on hand). We help you learn how to manage and operate a small business by training you on the theory, followed by immediate action.

Opportunities at College Pro for You


You are looking for a summer job to set yourself apart from your peers – you want to do something other than “the internship” everyone else seems to be applying for.


You are a recent graduate or have run a small business in the past, and want to take equity and ownership over something you can call your own.

A Day in The Life

Leadership is not for everyone. In this program, you aren’t listening to a lecture or reading a textbook imagining what running a business would be like.

You are taking action, setting your own goals, doing active marketing, collaborating on ideas with a coach, interviewing and building your own team, developing your business plan, having those plans fail, consulting with your coach, adapting them, and learning every step of the way through action.

You’ve likely never run a business before,

so, how do you manage a team or run a business when you’ve never done anything like this before?

That’s where our systems and coaching comes in!

The program begins with a pre-season, which is 12 weeks of business theory combined with marketing activity and putting what you’re learning into action. In weekly, online sessions and two in-person Business Summits, you’ll learn the skills of basic marketing, goal setting, how to hire a team, and how to prioritize your time as a manager.

We help you feel confident along the way

You’ll be partnered with a business coach, one of our General Managers, who is like your lifeguard (if we’re keeping the swimming analogy), guiding and supporting you along the way as you’re learning to swim.

In addition to this 1-on-1 coaching and personalized support, you’ll benefit from an hands-on learning experience that combines the practical and the theoretical aspects of business management and entrepreneurship.

At College Pro, you’ll experience the journey of entrepreneurship first hand – with support – which means the skills you’ll learn will forever be engrained as tools you can use for the rest of your life.