Watch this video for an overview of the position!

We are currently looking for motivated, strong, competitive, creative, and intelligent candidates to be a part of our organization and to lead the operations of their own piece of our business. You would have the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat of one of our locations, and take your first bite in management and entrepreneurship through running a residential window cleaning business. We’re looking for the best and brightest candidates. 

What Does a Regional Manager Do? 

  • This position is part-time through Jan – April and full-time from May – Aug. 
  • You will have the opportunity to sit in the driver’s seat of a real-world existing business; generate your own sales, hire your own team, and run the day-to-day operations of a business. 
  • This is a home servicing business, you work with residential homeowners to provide our portfolio of services which include things like power washing, window cleaning and gutter cleaning (we aim to keep the business model simple so you can focus on learning to run a business and manage people). 
  • You will manage a territory, and, while doing so, be completely responsible for all aspects of the region. 
  • We are here for training, support and mentorship, but ultimately, this is your chance to be responsible for the daily operations and put your own mark on something. 

You will learn how to and be responsible for: 

  • Leading and hiring team of 1-3 other crew members
  • Manage the logistics of a service-oriented business in a specified region
  • Working with our existing customer base and maintain high levels of customer service excellence with our valued repeat customers from over 50 years of hiring us
  • Develop and execute a marketing strategy in order to grow your region’s business
  • Solve the day-to-day problems that come with being a business leader

What This Isn’t 

  • We aren’t looking for someone with years of business experience or management experience 
  • We aren’t looking for someone with an MBA or Commerce degree 
  • This isn’t a punch in, punch out kind of job 
  • This isn’t a pyramid scheme 

The Ideal Candidate Has…

  • An open mind and a problem-solving attitude 
  • A work hard, play hard mentality (leadership takes grit)
  • Willing to face challenges head-on and climb mountains (the view is better from the top)
  • Ready to join our one-of-a-kind company culture (the best combo of support + competition) 
  • The desire to differentiate themselves from their peers by acquiring real-world experience through hard work 

Benefits of this Position 

  • Earn $$ For Tuition 
  • Real-world experience: It’s hard to get a job when you don’t have experience, but how can you get experience if you can’t get the job? We solve that problem. 
  • Impressive skill set: Your peers will be envious of your leadership, time management, and people management skills and employers will know you have what it takes. 
  • Networking: Access our network of 15,000 past students who ran the exact same business as you over the past 50 years. 
  • Coaching, Support and Mentorship: Coaching and support is how we can help you, who may not have business experience, and show you how to be successful.


  • A valid driver’s license and full-time access to a vehicle for the summer months 
  • Part time availability Jan-April, Full-time availability for the summer


We have positions starting at $20/hour, your financial success is in your own hands. 

We evaluate financial success in this role as: 

  • Basic Success: Earning $12,000-15,000
  • Star Performance: Earning $15,000-20,000
  • Excellence: Earning $20,000+
  • With opportunities to continue your business the following summer and earn even more!

We’re looking forward to receiving your resume to learn more!